The super simple tool for keeping a stock watchlist — with notes and tracking.

Still using spreadsheets to write notes to your stock watchlist? Forget why you started following a stock in the first place — and if it has gone up or down since?

Take notes on your stock watchlist and let StockPad keep track.

A stock sounds promising, but you don't want to pull out your wallet on a whim. You put the stock on a watchlist. A while later, you come back to check your list. But why did you add that stock to it? And when? What was the price when you did? And why can't you easily write a note to it? Why isn't all this just simple?

StockPad is the online stock watchlist notepad that solves all this. And it doesn't cost anything to use.

Monitor change.

See the change in price since the stock was added. Both actual, annualized and daily.

Take notes, save links.

See the change in price from note to note. Did you write the note when the stock had gone up? Or down? Save links relevant to the stock.

Sort easily.

Easily check and sort which stocks on your watchlist are performing the best. Sort by date, change, number of notes etc.

Finally: Buy your stock

With peace of mind, having done your due diligence and followed the stock, go to your regular broker platform and buy the stock at the right time. Oh, and of course, you can keep writing notes on StockPad after you've bought it.

It's a simple tool. That's because the best tools are simple.

The tool to take note of stocks.

It's free. No credit card. No nonsense.